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How to Improve Business Insurance Sales Skills in Australia?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

If you're an insurance broker in Australia, how can you improve your business insurance sales skills? In this blog post, we'll explore some key strategies that will help you increase your sales and close more deals. By following these simple tips, you'll be on your way to becoming a top-performing insurance broker in no time!

How to Improve Business Insurance Sales Skills in Australia?

As a broker, make a list of the most common objections that customers have about buying insurance

As a broker, understanding the most common customer objections to buying insurance is essential in order to provide the best possible advice. These typical objections include wanting to know more about the coverage they are being offered, needing an explanation of premium renewals and cancellation policies, requesting more information about pricing and discounts, expressing concerns that the plan might be insufficient for their needs, and questioning whether or not claim filing processes are smooth and efficient. Handling objects calmly and knowledgeably can help put customers at ease and encourage them to purchase the insurance product that best suits their needs.

Find out what motivates your customer and use that to sell them insurance

Insurance is a key part of financial planning, but often can be seen as a bothersome expense. To effectively sell insurance to customers, it is important to understand their motivations so that it will be seen as valuable and necessary. Asking the right questions can provide insight into the customer's goals and their overall financial strategy. Threading these answers into an effective insurance plan can help increase customer loyalty and provide support for the customer to achieve their objectives. Knowing the motivation behind any purchase helps create an experience that resonates with the customer and builds trust in your company. Ultimately, understanding what motivates your customer will ensure you can create solutions that meet their needs and that exceed their expectations.

Use stories and examples to show them how insurance can benefit them

Stories and examples can be a powerful way to show people how insurance can benefit them. For instance, imagine two people who own the same type of car. One does not have car insurance, while the other does. If both drivers get in an accident on the same day, the one with no insurance will likely have to pay all of the damages themselves, including any medical bills that may result from their injuries. On the other hand, if the driver who had car insurance gets in an accident, their policy will cover most or all of their damages as well as any medical costs associated with it. The importance of insurance is made clear by this simple example; Without it, one driver would be left to bear all of the costs alone. Insurance helps protect consumers against unexpected circumstances and can be a great asset when it comes time to make a claim.

Be prepared for anything - know your product inside out

As an insurance broker, it is essential to be prepared for anything. By knowing your product inside out, you can become an expert within the field and be able to confidently handle any inquiries or situations that may arise. This requires an extensive knowledge of all of the different product forms you are licensed to offer and a full understanding of the process involved in obtaining product on behalf of a client. Investing time and effort in researching service offerings will help brokers remain engaged and informed with market movements while also staying abreast of industry trends. Being knowledgeable translates into greater credibility which ultimately leads to better outcomes for clients.

Follow up with customers after they've bought a policy to make sure they're happy

Following up with customers after they have purchased a policy is an important part of maintaining customer satisfaction. It provides the opportunity for customers to express their opinions and offer feedback so that their experience can be improved. Asking about their experience after buying a policy allows customers to feel heard and appreciated, and lets them know that we take the time to understand their needs. This practice also helps us gain insights from our customers that can help us make informed decisions in the future. Taking this proactive approach not only demonstrates our commitment to excellent customer service, but shows clients how much we value their opinions.


In conclusion, selling insurance can be a challenging and complex process. By understanding the most common objections customers have and using motivation, stories and examples to show how beneficial insurance policies can be, you'll be one step closer to promoting your products successfully. Knowing your product inside and out will give you the confidence you need when answering any customer's questions. Finally, connected with customers after purchase is essential for building trust and makes sure that the customer is satisfied. With these tips in mind, you should hopefully have better success in selling insurance!

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