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Insurance Quotes Outsourcing Services in Australia

Insurance agencies are required to develop and improve their business models, experiment with new ideas, differentiate from the competition, and lower their cost ratios in order to generate profits. Insurance Quotes are one of the major responsibilities of an insurance agency's job; these tasks are time-consuming and leave little time for critical company activities. To accomplish these objectives in today's constantly changing climate, insurance firms are increasingly turning to Insurance KPO Services for help.

Insurance Quotes Outsourcing

Our company develops outsourcing solutions specifically for insurance agencies in Australia. We understand that one of the needs of these types of businesses is preparing summary proposals and quotes, so we offer this service as part of our comprehensive package. Our process involves creating a detailed quote summary for clients, which allows them to compare different insurance options quickly and easily review coverage details.


Marketing & Taking Quotes on the System 

Our Tier 2 Certified Staff will visit various platforms provided by you to obtain quotes on your behalf focusing on your client's needs.

Preparing Premium Summary Tables

After reviewing various insurance quotes and selecting the ones that fit the client's needs, our back-office professionals create an exhaustive premium summary table.

Preparing Organized Spreadsheets 

Our professionals create extensive side-by-side insurance carrier comparisons in easy to follow spreadsheet format.

Filling Out Proposal Templates 

We take all the relevant information and put it into a standard proposal template, making sure to include everything the client has asked for.

Providing Structured Deliverables in Print Format 

Once the proposal is complete, we will create a formatted document that can be presented to potential customers for a final quote.

Why Outsource Insurance Quote Process to Posh Workbytes?

We want to help you succeed by taking some of the pressure off of your shoulders. Available for insurance companies, our summary and proposal services will improve your process flow as well as increase productivity by freeing up important resources. We're confident that we can handle any general insurance outsourcing requests you may have!

Some of the key benefits we offer are -

  • Tier 2 trained staff specialists with experience in insurance quote processes, policy services, and claims processing to answer all your question.

  • We have stringent data and network security policies to keep your insurance information safe.

  • Compliance with industry-wide best practices.

  • We have the tools to operate your business more openly and with greater transparency.

  • Getting things done faster and more efficiently to bring more value to the business.

  • The ability to adapt the size of our team according to the demands of a project or market.

Corporate Head Office

Brisbane, Australia

Delivery Office

Delhi, India

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